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Response to the study: “Diverse genetic origins of medieval steppe nomad conquerors” – the first sequencing of Khazar genomes

Mikheyev et al. (2019) have published in BioRxiv their ancient DNA study of nine Khazar genome. Here is their abstract: Over millennia, steppe nomadic tribes raided and sometimes overran settled Eurasian civilizations. Most polities formed by steppe nomads were ephemeral, … Continue reading

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The Alanic Origin of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage

The potential Alan/Khazar of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage is discussed in a draft manuscript by Paull, J.M, Briskman, J., and Steeble, S.K. This is their abstract: The goal of this Y-DNA research study is to utilize both traditional genealogical and current … Continue reading

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The Forward is puzzled why 23andMe does not investigate Jewish origins. Here is why.

It is not fair to pick on journalists especially not when genetics is involved. Genetics is a complex subject involving math, statistics, biology, bioinformatics, and, unfortunately, a substantial amount of emotions. Journalists are not scientists, they don’t claim to be … Continue reading

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How The Forward shamed 23andme into “fixing” Jewish history

“Telling the truth is less demanding than telling a lie.”  ― Eraldo Banovac To those of you who missed the drama, allow me to start from the beginning. In their latest round of updates, 23andme stumbled upon the Behar et al. … Continue reading

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The study supporting a Khazarian origin for Ashkenazic Jews was published

The study associated with the Khazar DNA Project was recently published in GBE: http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2012/12/14/gbe.evs119.short?rss=1 The study was covered in the Haaretz: http://www.haaretz.co.il/news/science/1.1890826

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The Khazar DNA Project is on RocketHub!

Today the crowd funding effort began! Please join us at RocketHub. We have got some really cool gifts for donors, including books, DNA kits, and donation to JNF. So, those of you who have had their DNA sequenced (for autosomal … Continue reading

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The Flight From Khazaria

While some believe that Khazaria was diminished by the 10th century, archeological and historical evidence show that the Empire continued to flourish until the 13th Century and that it was the Rus, not the Mongols who ruined Khazaria. The Rus … Continue reading

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Video-clip is ready!

The full-length video-clip for the Khazars DNA Project is now completed and was uploaded to you tube. Comments are more then welcome!

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The Khazars at Friendly’s

Today at Friendly’s I told couple of my friends about the Khazar DNA project. At some point I realized that I am way too loud and lowered the tone , but it was already too late. Some people already gave … Continue reading

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