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Is this the end of the booming genetic genealogy industry?

I have never hidden my opinions or mellowed my criticism on the genetic genealogy industry, even though I am a part of it. I designed the first dedicated microarray (chip) for genetic genealogy – The GenoChip. The GenoChip was designed … Continue reading

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New study: 23andMe results are nonsense. But why?

GPS Origins, developed at my lab (COI, I consult with DDC) accepts DNA results generated by other companies. DNA tests have a large cost and if we can save people who already took the test some money, why not? Here is … Continue reading

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GPS Origins results for four participants

In the previous post I discussed the results of an Ashkenazic Jew produced by GPS Origins. As more and more people take the GPS Origins ancestry test that my lab built (Disclosure: I consult DDC) and make them public, we have a chance to take … Continue reading

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The origin of Ashkenazic Jews according to GPSOrigins

  Recently, we completed development of GPS2, an extension of the GPS tool (see FAQ here) that predicts the geographic origins of two-ways mixed individuals (e.g., an individual with British and Chinese parents). The genetics company DDC (conflict of interest statement: … Continue reading

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