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Is this the end of the booming genetic genealogy industry?

I have never hidden my opinions or mellowed my criticism on the genetic genealogy industry, even though I am a part of it. I designed the first dedicated microarray (chip) for genetic genealogy – The GenoChip. The GenoChip was designed … Continue reading

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New study: 23andMe results are nonsense. But why?

GPS Origins, developed at my lab (COI, I consult with DDC) accepts DNA results generated by other companies. DNA tests have a large cost and if we can save people who already took the test some money, why not? Here is … Continue reading

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The Forward is puzzled why 23andMe does not investigate Jewish origins. Here is why.

It is not fair to pick on journalists especially not when genetics is involved. Genetics is a complex subject involving math, statistics, biology, bioinformatics, and, unfortunately, a substantial amount of emotions. Journalists are not scientists, they don’t claim to be … Continue reading

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How The Forward shamed 23andme into “fixing” Jewish history

“Telling the truth is less demanding than telling a lie.”  ― Eraldo Banovac To those of you who missed the drama, allow me to start from the beginning. In their latest round of updates, 23andme stumbled upon the Behar et al. … Continue reading

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