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How Israeli doctors are touting the myth of Ashkenazi Jewish genetic superiority?

Social scientists wrote extensively on the creation of myths in health and medicine. Some of most popular concepts is protection, not by gods (remember, this is still semi-science field), but rather by unknown entities or forces where unknown stands for gender, ancestry, or religion. This way one … Continue reading

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So what happened with the “Adam’s Y chromosome” study?

The last piece of criticism of the story of “Adam’s chromosome” has finally been published. Just a brief reminder, in 2013 Mendez and colleagues mostly from Michael Hammer’s group published a Y chromosome of a haplogroup they termed A00 and … Continue reading

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The flabbergasting science of Fernando Mendez, Michael Hammer, and co-authors

When I published The missing link of Jewish European Ancestry1, currently ranked #2 most-read paper in GBE, Michael Hammer called me: “outlier folks… who have a minority view that’s not supported scientifically. I think the arguments they make are pretty … Continue reading

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Carmi et al. (2014) and the mysterious 350 number.

Some of the problems with the Carmi et al.’s paper 1 were listed in the previous post, but here, I wish to discuss two new issues. The first one regards the number 350 and the statement by Carmi et al1 that has been widely … Continue reading

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The prestige of “Jewish Genome” papers

Every bad scientific theory consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. The researcher shows you something ordinary: a DNA from a kid who danced with semi naked dancers in his Bar mitzvah and thereby is a … Continue reading

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Why European Jews and Bugs Bunny share a common origin?

In 2013 (Elhaik 2013) I published a comprehensive study that contrasted two hypotheses proposed to explain the origin of European Jews, namely the Rhineland Hypotheses and the Khazarian Hypotheses. While these hypotheses were not the only ones proposed to answer … Continue reading

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The origin of European Jewish women is from…. Europe!

A new study published in nature communications refutes the Behar et al. (2006) ridiculous study that the origin of Ashkenazi women is from four middle eastern women, a truly amazing finding that even more surprisingly fits with the biblical story. … Continue reading

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