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On the fallacies of Altmetric OR how I fell asleep in Sheffield and woke up in Louisiana

Here is a brief overview of Altmetric, just in case you haven’t heard about it. Altmetric LLP is a UK-based company with <50 employees that provides collects “impression” data to evaluate academic studies and factor it into a single score, which … Continue reading

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My article at “The Conversation”

This week I was invited to write an article for “The Conversation” was one of the most respectable media outlets the foster conversation between academics and the public. Unfortunately, I was limited to ~800 words, but the article nonetheless became popular rather … Continue reading

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Responding to the criticism for Das et al. (2016)

In Das et al. (2016), we applied the Geographic Population Structure (GPS) algorithm to the genomes of Yiddish and non-Yiddish speaking Ashkenazic Jews (and other Jewish and non-Jewish populations) to study the origin of their genomes. Since genetics, geography, and linguistics are … Continue reading

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Uncovering Ancient Ashkenaz

The origin of the Yiddish language (spoken at least since the 9th century A.D.), and consequently Yiddish speakers, has been debated for the past several centuries, mainly between linguists. While the Rhineland hypothesis suggests a German origin, the Irano-Turko-Slavic hypothesis, … Continue reading

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The Mountain Jews in the Caucasus as a potential source for the joke about the Jew who built two synagogues in an island

There is a famous joke in Judaism about the way Jews are never quite happy with their local congregations. A man is rescued from a desert island after 20 years. The news media, amazed at this feat of survival, ask him … Continue reading

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Swedish Jews – between ethnicity, religion, race, and utter chaos

Paula Cáceres has recently published her Master’s study titled: Jewish Identities and their Co-constructors A Qualitative Study of the Social Constructions of Jewish Identities in Sweden (supervisor: Charlotte Melander).  In the study she explores the opinion of 10 young adults who define themselves … Continue reading

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The study is now published

The study associated with the Khazar DNA Project was recently published in GBE: The study was covered in the Haaretz: 

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