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Why the Babylonian Jews snubbed Ashkenaz

Documents of Judean Exiles and West Semites in Babylonia in the Collection of David Sofer by Laurie E. Pearce and Cornelia Wunsch (322 pages) is a remarkable documentation of 103 tablets beginning in 572 BC and ending in 483 BC that … Continue reading

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Ashkenazic Jews and Tartars

A recent Q&A with a journalist in Tatarstan (Russia) developed into an interesting article and made the front page. I still recall that my Russian friend told me that Russians don’t care about Yiddish. As fas as I can tell, they care about it more … Continue reading

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The origin of Ashkenazic Jews according to GPSOrigins

  Recently, we completed development of GPS2, an extension of the GPS tool (see FAQ here) that predicts the geographic origins of two-ways mixed individuals (e.g., an individual with British and Chinese parents). The genetics company DDC (conflict of interest statement: … Continue reading

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In search of the judische Typus

Some of you may recall the “Jewish Genome Challenge” posed in 2013. In this challenge I tested whether claimants boast that they can distinguish Jewish from non-Jewish genomes make false allegations. For that, I proposed a blind-test where I hybridized the … Continue reading

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Ancient DNA – Coming of an Era

Few exciting papers about ancient DNA are coming up with samples from both Israel relating to ancient nomad cultures and Russia relating to the Khazars. While we wait on these papers it is worth gain a better understanding of ancient … Continue reading

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Better late than never…

A review of our study on the origin of Yiddish has finally been published in… Yiddish and in the Forward above all else. It is exciting to see that even the Forward encourages discussion in this topic, which has so far been discussed mainly among … Continue reading

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The Book of Esther

Emily Barton published a third fiction book about the Khazars that got a very nice review in the New York Times. Barton has talent to spare, and while her pacing and tone are occasionally ponderous, her imagination makes the story as addicting … Continue reading

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