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Resurrecting the ancient Israelites from the Valley of Dry Bones

The hand of the LORD was on me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the LORD and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. He led me back and forth among … Continue reading

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How tied you are to the Land of Israel?

Yedioth Ahronoth, the largest daily in Israel, dedicated its cover to the Primeval DNA test. Their provocative title reads: How tied you are to the Land of Israel? Their English title was a lot calmer: Who do you think you are? You can read … Continue reading

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What is the Primeval DNA Test

Measurements of genetic distances Ever since the first human population genetics paper in 1965, geneticists have been concerned with developing methods to measure genetic distances between species, populations, and people and modelling the genetic structure of the population. For example, … Continue reading

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The undisclosed links of geneticists and other professionals to the industry are a major ethical violation

Here is a little something that no one wants you to know. Many population geneticists (and scientists in general) have ties with commercial companies. In the case of population geneticists, outside of the obvious motivation ($) this is probably due … Continue reading

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Launching the Primeval DNA Test

Last week DNA Consultants has launched the Primeval DNA Test. The response was amazing. No one complained and everyone was quite happy with their results. We got a couple of questions in the forum and we answered those. This is … Continue reading

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Why do infants suddenly die? Why did Satan marry Lilith? Why do Jewish parents pass their boys as girls?

Our world is filled with mysteries that often seem unrelated. Consider Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or cot death, this form of unexplained death occurs when a seemingly healthy infant (0-12 months) dies in sleep with no cause of death … Continue reading

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