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The Genomic History of the Bronze Age Southern Levant – Paper review

This week, the first Bronze and Iron Ages genomes from Israel were published (Link to paper). This is a very exciting dataset. Of course, this excitement was tainted by the usual propaganda that surrounded Jewish genomic analysis since 1998. So, … Continue reading

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Understanding polygenic score with Bugs Bunny

There is much confusion about what polygenic scores are and how to interpret them. There are even some excellent papers that criticized them (e.g., Wellenreuther and Hansson 2016), however it is fair to say that papers that preach in favor … Continue reading

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So, you think you can predict bio-geography…?

It is exciting to see all the new papers attempting to link genetics and geography – a solid tradition in genetics that goes back to the days of Dr. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza, one of the founders of the field. However, … Continue reading

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Is this the end of the booming genetic genealogy industry?

I have never hidden my opinions or mellowed my criticism on the genetic genealogy industry, even though I am a part of it. I designed the first dedicated microarray (chip) for genetic genealogy – The GenoChip. The GenoChip was designed … Continue reading

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Response to the study: “Diverse genetic origins of medieval steppe nomad conquerors” – the first sequencing of Khazar genomes

Mikheyev et al. (2019) have published in BioRxiv their ancient DNA study of nine Khazar genome. Here is their abstract: Over millennia, steppe nomadic tribes raided and sometimes overran settled Eurasian civilizations. Most polities formed by steppe nomads were ephemeral, … Continue reading

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Dating ancient genomes with TPS

Half of the ancient genomes are poorly dated, which limits their usefulness. In other words, scientists spend a lot of time digging, finding skeletons, extracting the DNA from bones, sequencing it, and cleaning it, but in half of the cases … Continue reading

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The Alanic Origin of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage

The potential Alan/Khazar of the Shapiro Rabbinical Lineage is discussed in a draft manuscript by Paull, J.M, Briskman, J., and Steeble, S.K. This is their abstract: The goal of this Y-DNA research study is to utilize both traditional genealogical and current … Continue reading

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