My Bronze Age Origins test – update (1)

In case that you missed my previous post, this is a quick reminder that my latest Bronze Age test has been available on GenePlaza for almost six months now and got mostly excellent feedback. You can read about the test here. You can look at the preview of the test here.

A screen caption from My Bronze Age Origins Test

Some people may still ponder over the use of ancient DNA in the Bronze Age test versus modern-day people, which all the other tests use, including GPS Origins. Does it really work? If it works so well, why doesn’t everyone do it? The following message that I got from an unidentified user who took the Advanced version of the test address the first question:

I just wanted to tell you how accurate your Bronze Age test is. I confirmed my connection to the San Nicolas Island culture. My grandmother always said that there is some Native American blood in our family, but my parents always dismissed it and then she died and I couldn’t get it verified with any other test. Too bad that I didn’t know that there are different tests with different ranges of dates before I spent money on other tests. I also found out that i am connected to east Asian cultures so it all makes sense and I am reading about it now! Thank you so much for helping me to reconnect with my people.

The San Nicolas Island culture represents one of the most diverse cultures of the Bronze Age test. Unlike modern DNA tests that include modern-day individuals that may have experienced admixture with other populations, the ancient populations preserved the original gene pool signature, in this case, the Amerindian one and, of course, the East Asian-Siberian gene pools. Americans may be familiar with the book Island of the Blue Dolphins; it was inspired by the story of the San Nicolas people.

As for the second question, the answer is simple. If companies reported the genetic similarity with ancient people, their loudest users would revolt. Some people don’t REALLY want to know where they are from. They want a confirmation of what they already know. They are even willing to pay a lot of money for this acknowledgment. Modern tests (except GPS Origins) are designed to make people happy, not to teach them their history. My guess is that large companies would continue avoiding ancient DNA.

Gene Plaza cut the prices of the test by 50% for DNA Day.

Happy DNA Day!

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