New Bronze Age Tests

For a few months now, my latest Bronze Age test has been available on GenePlaza and the feedback has been mostly excellent, so I thought to share it here as well.

You can read about the test here. You can look at the preview of the test here. Briefly, the test consists of two versions, Beginner and Advanced. The Beginner version compares your genome to 7 BA cultures with low resolution (6 gene pools) and the Advanced provides comparisons to 25 BA cultures with high resolution (10 gene pools). So why was the feedback mostly excellent and now wholly excellent? It seems that like in everything else in this field people have very strong opinions on where their ancestors came from 5600 to 2000 years ago, and that does not include those who believe parts of the test predate the world (by the Jewish count). Leaving the skeptics aside, the tests was entirely designed from the DNA of Bronze Age people, including the gene pools and of course, the cultures that you will be compared against. There is a information about the history, archeology, and genetic findings for every culture (the text below is just the beginning).

Happy to hear thoughts and ideas for tests.

The Bronze Age test joins the trend of other ancient DNA calculators already out there, like the K35 Bronze & Iron Age Admixture Calculator. The test description is: Europeans have inherited considerable DNA from ancient Asian populations, and similarly Asians have also inherited considerable DNA from ancient European populations. This ADMIXTURE based calculator which we believe is the best of its kind will help you decipher some of your ancient genetic connections to other parts of the world. The test was developed by Dilawer Khan of EURASIAN DNA.

I hope that this trend of ancient DNA tests would continue. Personally, I find modern-DNA tests extremely limited. My guess is that most people are interested in their ancient rather than modern origins.

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2 Responses to New Bronze Age Tests

  1. Froy says:

    What do you make of this?:

    The part about 23andMe messing up a Palestinian’s genetic profile was particularly amusing.

    • eelhaik says:

      Thanks for sharing! People don’t understand how political these genetics tests are and how easy it is to detect one ancestry and divert it to another, because Palestinians are well distinguished from other ancestries. Too bad that they choose to make those companies richer at the expense of their legacy….

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