In search of the judische Typus

Some of you may recall the “Jewish Genome Challenge” posed in 2013. In this challenge I tested whether claimants boast that they can distinguish Jewish from non-Jewish genomes make false allegations. For that, I proposed a blind-test where I hybridized the genomes of self-reported Jews and non-Jews over two generations and asked the claimants to classify which is which. This challenge was posed to academics, 23andMe (as a representative of the DTC genetic industry) and the general public. The results of this challenge were published in this new paper (here). All claimants have failed raising serious questions about genetic studies of “Jews” under false premise that they represent whatever it is the researchers imagined that they represent.

The paper next explains why there can be no Jewish biomarkers and review the fallacies made by researchers who claims the opposite. In that, the discussion is the logical extension to Kirsh’s (2003)  paper, but briefly since this is not a review paper.

The last paragraph of the paper may have broken the record  of OMICs terms used in one paper while proposing an answer to the ageless question “Who is a Jew?”.

To the paper



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