The Khazars at Friendly’s

Today at Friendly’s I told couple of my friends about the Khazar DNA project. At some point I realized that I am way too loud and lowered the tone , but it was already too late. Some people already gave me the half-head-turn and others, brace yourselves, the whole-head-turn. The funny thing is that  I think they got more annoyed when they couldn’t hear me anymore. There is something about old warriors in the Middle Ages that fascinates us. This makes it  even more sad that we don’t have better descriptions of the Khazars’ armor, clothes, and weapons. Our perception of the Middle ages is Western European in nature with knights, castles, and beautiful princesses. The Eastern European version  is slightly different with steppe people, tents, and beautiful princesses. The Huns were not that different and they found their way to the history books and to our collective memory. Perhaps there is hope that one day the Khazars would too.

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3 Responses to The Khazars at Friendly’s

  1. Kevin Brook says:

    I recently became aware of an article by Vyacheslav Glebov and Aleksey Ivanov titled “Relikvarii iz kochevnicheskogo pogrebeniya xazarskogo vremeni na nizhnem Donu” that may help us picture the Khazar warriors a little better. I don’t know if I can obtain a copy but in case somebody can track it down in a university library or buy it from the publisher it’s in Problemi na izkustvoto/Art Studies Quarterly issue 3 of 2007 from page 12 to around page 16. The subject is a Khazarian reliquary that contains artistic representations of an epic battle between a horseback warrior and a foot soldier. I will assume this is a new discovery that I have not previously seen.

    We do now actually have fairly good artifact examples of Khazar weaponry.

  2. eelhaik says:

    I believe this is what you are looking for:
    I am trying to get the complete article.

  3. Abulfaz says:

    Khazars still living in many countries of the world, divided into separate nations and religions.but still most of them remmeber that they are belonging to Khazar family. My offer is to organize a Khazar Forum .And collect most khazars who are influential in theri oün countries. I am ready to participated in such Forum .
    King regards from Baku

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