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Ancient DNA Origins test kit. It comes with an arrowhead and a booklet
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The Ancient DNA Origins kit

The most beautifully designed DNA test kit that includes an arrowhead! You can get up to 6 tests in one kit!

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As the old saying goes, when dating a mummy – don’t be late!

It is no secret that in dating, timing is everything. When studying the past, whether finding coins, bones, or pathogens buried in a mound – the question of when they are from makes the difference between a meaningful or a misleading discovery. So why is it so complicated?

My Best DNA Tests

Over the years I developed many DNA tests and DNA testing kits for the public, health, and government from the Genographic Project to the Ancient DNA Origins. Below are some of my most popular public tests, including Ancient DNA Origins and its ancient DNA testing kit, the GPS Origins, and the Bronze Age test. Try them out.

What People Say so far

I found your GPS test accuracy the best so far. Not only did it determine my Native American percentage but it also gave me uniquely ancient percentages and migrations from Denmark to Norway and Italy, Spain, to Algeria.

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From Wikimedia

In search of the True Jewish Patriarchs

The quest to trace the Jewish Patriarchs has been going on for millennia. According to mythology, the Judaeans descended from three Patriarchs who are buried in the Cave of the Patriarchs (Cave of Machpelah) in Hebron. But where are Jews actually from and who really is buried there?

No Levantine ancestry for Ashkenazic Jews

To uncover the origin of Ashkenazic Jews and the origin of their native language, Yiddish we applied GPS to the genome of Ashkenazic Jews. The results helped resolved a three-thousands-years-old mystery and stand in sharp contrast to the canonical literature.

How The Forward shamed 23andme into “fixing” Jewish history

Genetic ancestry testing is very political. In 2017, 23andme decided to report the truth (for once). They were shamed by The Forward and, as a result, buried the truth and “apologized” to their customers. Think about it when you read into your results.

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